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Dates & Times:  

                                  Manners 1 - 6:00 pm Wednesdays beginning June 12th  (6 weeks) 

                              Real World Manners - 7:15 pm Wednesdays beginning June 12th (6 weeks)

                               Intro to Scent Work - 7:00 pm Tuesdays beginning June 11th (6 weeks)

                                                                   Waitlist for Future Classes


Duration:            Each class takes place once weekly for 4 - 6 weeks depending on the class

Location:             PET PALS, 278 Salem Street, Woburn, MA


Fee:                       4 week classes - $150

                               5 week classes - $165

                               6 week classes - $175* 

                               *Scent Work & Real World Manners - $200

*NEW* Intro to Scent Work is teaching a dog to find and alert to a specific scent. Any dog can play - age, athletic ability, even obedience level are not important. It builds confidence in a shy dog or burns off energy in an active dog.

Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies between 8 and 20 weeks old (at the start of class). Pet parents will learn how to properly teach basic obedience as well as tackle common problem areas such as house training and nipping. This class includes playtime for puppies to socialize. Remember, starting proper socialization at a young age is key to raising a happy pup!

Puppy Social Class For Puppies under 6 months of age, this class is meant as a supplement to a puppy kindergarten class where we focus on fun and socialization! Will include light training during class to help improve our socialization skills and set our pups up for a lifetime of success!

Manners 1 (formerly Adolescent Basic Manners) is for dogs under 1.5 year of age. If you missed a puppy kindergarten class then this is the class for you! Learn how to manage adolescent dog behavior with attention and impulse control! Pups will also learn "leave it", loose leash walking, no jumping, "stay" & MORE!

Advanced Manners This class is for any age dog that has already had basic manners training. We will build upon useful life skills like focus & attention in distracting environments as well as practice polite greetings towards other people and dogs.

Real World Manners We build on the skills learned in Manners classes by adding distractions, distance and duration while in a variety of locations. Class will explore new locations nearby every week.  Prerequisite: Manners 1 or equivalent.

Reliable Recalls is for pups who need to brush up on their recall. Have a dog willing to dart out a door every time one opens? Want to be able to call your dog back to you at the park? Then this NEW class is for you! Pet parents will learn safe, fun & effective methods for teaching recalls for any situation your dog may be in. Suitable for any age dog, basic manners experience preferred. 


Polite Leash Walking is for dogs who are still learning good manners while on-leash. Is your dog pulling your arm out of the socket every walk? This class will teach your dog to walk nicely on leash and pay attention to their handler. Owners will learn techniques to promote attention and turn your walks together into a mutually fun experience!

Tricks! is a class just for FUN! A great way to spend quality time with your dog and bond together. Class will focus on Tricks needed for the AKC novice trick dog title. 

Sports Sampler is a four week class with each week trying a different sport. We will do Tricks, Flyball, Agility & Scentwork. This is a good opportunity to "just have fun" or "try something new" with your dog!

How important is enrolling your puppy early? Read the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior's Position Statement on Puppy Socialization HERE


All training is positive reinforcement and understanding your dog's brain! 

If you or a friend plan on getting a puppy in the future, please check back as we will continue to offer more classes!  


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