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Nothing tires out a dog like playing with another dog!  Whether you're at work or just busy at home, a professional dog "walker" will pick up your dog during the day and take him/her to our huge Private Dog Park to run and play with a group of their furry friends!  It's the same "walker" and roughly the same group of pups each day so you and your dog know what to expect.  Includes pick-up & drop-off service.  After the playgroup, your walker will bring your pup home happy and tired!


  • Playgroup for 1 dog - $23 ($22 if 4 or more outings/week)

  • Playgroup for 2 dogs - $31 ($30 if 4 or more outings/week)


Want your pup to stay and play for an extended time?  Doggie daycare is available 9am-3pm, Mondays-Fridays (pick-up & drop-off service available!).  Your pup will get to run and play with their friends all day!  Our Private Dog Park is constantly staffed by our professional dog "walkers" and is kept squeeky clean.  Our Pet Turf fields keep your dog mud-free in the spring and snow-free in the winter.  We even have an indoor dog park for inclement weather days. Your pup will love Doggie Daycare!

Owner Pick-Up & Drop-Off Pricing:

  • 1/2 Day (3 hours or less) Daycare for 1 dog  - $23

  • Full Day (3+ hours) Daycare for 1 dog - $33

  • 1/2 Day (3 hours or less) Daycare for 2 dogs - $33

  • Full Day (3+ hours) Daycare for 2 dogs - $48

Transportation Provided by Pet Pals:

  • Daycare for 1 dog - $38 (1-4x weekly) / $35 (5x weekly)

  • Daycare for 2 dogs -  $53 (1-4x weekly) / $50 (5x weekly)

Puppy Visits

Starting your puppy off with our midday visits is a great way to support their training and begin socialization. We have one professional dog walker dedicated to those pups who can't join us at the Dog Park yet (they need to be at least 16 weeks and have all their vaccinations!).  Puppy visits include a 15 minute walk, mid-day relief and feeding (if needed).  Consistent potty times and positive reinforcement are important to proper puppy training.  And midday Pet Pals visits are the key to a happy pup!


  • Walk/visit for 1 dog - $20

Extended Doggie Playgroup (Lexington)

This service involves a 1 hour & 45 minute long off-leash group playtime at our private facility in Woburn. (Just like our standard Playgroup, but longer!) Available Monday through Friday. Your dog must arrive at Lincoln St. in Lexington between 11:00-11:05am in order to attend. Once on the bus, it's party time! Pick up after Playgroup will take place at the same location between 1:30-1:35pm.  


  • Extended Playgroup - $25 per dog

Professional In-Home
Pet Sitting

In-home pet sitting is the perfect alternative to boarding your pet at a kennel or imposing on family and friends! While you're away, your pets can stay safely in their own home while being visited by a trained and experienced pet sitter. Pet Pals pet sitting visits happen 365 days a year! We offer this service in Winchester only.


For dogs, we offer three visits per day:

  • Morning: We will visit your dog early in the morning, providing relief, exercise and feeding.

  • Afternoon: We will take your dog out for a nice, long afternoon play session at our Dog Park, and feed them an early dinner.  Often if owners are looking for a weekend Playgroup, this is the session they sign up for!

  • Evening: We will visit your dog again in the evening to provide another good walk and to ensure they relieve themselves before being tucked into bed.

For cats, we generally recommend one or two visits per day.  What does a cat visit entail (no pun intended)?

  • We will provide fresh food and water

  • Scoop and/or change the litter box

  • Brushing, playtime and affection!

For other pets, we can visit as often as you like!  Please call for more information.

Included Services:  While we're visiting your pet, we're happy to bring in your mail and newspapers, water your plants and even turn on/off lights in your house to make it look "lived in". These home security measures are available upon request, and are offered at no extra charge!


  • One Dog:  One Visit - $28

       Full Day (3 same-day visits) - $68

  • Two Dogs:  One Visit - $40
    Full Day (3 same-day visits) - $103

  • Cats & Other Pets : $20 per visit (or $8 added to a dog visit)

​Holiday Pricing (Includes national holidays, weekends preceding and following national holidays, & Winchester school vacation weeks):

  • One Dog: One Visit - $33

       Full Day (3 same-day visits) - $73

  • Two Dogs: One Visit - $50

       Full Day (3 same-day visits) - $123

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