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“We want to thank you for all your excellent care of our two animals, Molly and Pedro, over the last almost 20 years! Doesn't Pedro love his puppy play group?  He could hear your van when it was in the neighborhood, and he would be all ready by the door when you drove into the driveway.  When we went away on vacation, we knew without a doubt that our animals would be lovingly cared for...  Please accept our enormous gratitude for helping us to raise two good animals, and for your friendship, as well."

Bonnie & Richard R.

“I want to thank you for all of the wonderful time you have given Fred over the years!  We both look forward to the magic van pulling in the driveway every day.  ….I can never thank you enough for all the fun you have brought Fred…. If you ever need a reference please call me!”

Muffie F.

"My family and I had an incredible experience with Pet Pals. Dave and his employees are amazing. They treated my dog like he was one of their own, and our dog has never been happier. We have a small dog and were concerned about Dog Day cares mixing the large and small dogs. Pet Pals has done a great job of easing our concerns due to their professional and experienced staff. We highly recommend this service."

Toby | Winchester, MA

"Pet Pals is great!  When we first contacted them, David the owner came to our house to meet our dog and get the lay of the land of the house.  His operation is extremely professional -- calls are promptly returned, the walkers leave notes of when the dog was walked and fed, and the dogs get to spend a fair bit of time at their facility in Woburn, so they have company for a good part of the day rather than just quick in and out walks.  We often make weekend travel plans at the last minute, and have never had trouble getting coverage, even for holiday weekends.  I never worry about my dog's care when I'm gone!       


- Dina P.

"I have used Pet Pals for 2 years for cat sitting.  The rates are reasonable and they have come through each time on somewhat short notice even around holiday times.  They will do small things to make your life easier like bringing in mail/packages and sending an email/text to let you know things are ok if you've been away for long!"

P.C. | Winchester, MA

"Dear Pet Pals,  Though we are moving to Newburyport in only a few days, I want you to know we shall never forget you (nor will Ben).  You have made a lasting impression on us by demonstrating such a high level of care and commitment with our sweet boy.  We are so sad to leave that behind.  I wish you much happiness and prosperity as you continue such a great “daycation” for pups all over this area."

Warm + sincere thanks,
Lauri K. and Ben

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful care you have given Katy.  You helped to make it possible for my dad to be at home with his beloved dog right until the end.  I am so grateful to you.  If you ever need me to be a reference, I would be honored.”

Cathy R.

“To all of our friends at Pet Pals,

I don’t know who to address this to, you’ve all been so wonderful!  Thank you for your care and support - both for us and for Boston.  He so loved his play time with you and we’ll miss having you as part of our daily lives."

Many thanks again,
Annie W.

“…..He’d been with us 15 years, and he wouldn’t have been with us as long if you guys hadn’t helped us take such good care of him.  We know he was getting old, and it was hard to get up and down the stairs and was shy of the other dogs but you guys really were willing to put yourselves out and take good care of him so we were able to have him with us probably and extra 6-8 months or maybe even a year. ….We really do appreciate what great care you helped us take of Max, and how you helped extend his life and his quality of life at the end. Thank you very much.”

George B.

We've been using Pet Pals for week day play group for about a year now.  We've had nothing but a great experience with them.  Curt is amazing and our pup adores him.  Curt goes the extra mile too, putting down her afternoon snack and water, as our pup is only one, so she's still learning portion control.  :)   Highly recommended.


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